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Pimp Your Profile: This makes your online dating profile even more attractive

The first impression counts. It’s the same in real life as it is in online dating. We at Flirteezy have therefore summarized the best tips for you on how to make your online dating profile even more appealing and increase your chances of matches, chats and flirts.

The right picture

The profile picture is exactly what always catches the eye. Or let’s be honest: Have you ever caught yourself looking at something other than the picture for the first few seconds!? Probably not… Just like you, all other users of dating apps do it… So the picture is the decisive factor for flirting success.

You should definitely be recognizable on your profile picture. We also think it’s important that the images are fairly recent. Always make a good impression! Post nice holiday photos, possibly also on the beach. This way you will definitely attract more attention. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or a woman, showing your skin is an attractive factor.

In addition to your profile picture, you can upload many more pictures to Flirteezy. We found that profiles with 6 pictures get around 50% more matches. Several profile pictures confirm the authenticity of your profile and also give you the chance to present yourself in a different light.

Get verified!

Verified profiles are always marked on Flirteezy and confirm the authenticity of your profile. This creates trust among other users and the chances of a flirt are significantly higher.

Add your social media channels

If that’s what you want, it’s never a mistake to give more insight into life. With your Instagram or Facebook profile, you can show other users even more about yourself. In addition, this always confirms the authenticity of your person to a certain extent.

Choose the correct username

Be creative when choosing a name and pick something that suits you best. Funny or well-chosen names often attract the attention of users. You can also give hints about your character or your intentions on Flirteezy in the name. But always make sure that your username doesn’t become “freaky”! Names like Fuckboy or HornyBitch, for example, seem dubious and rather deterrent to other users 😉

Fill out your profile

The more detailed you design your profile on Flirteezy, the better it will be received by other users. This shows that you put effort into the profile and that you mean it. In addition, other users can find out immediately in this way whether you have the same interests or views. As a little bonus on top of that, there is also the Flirt Eezy Match function. You will then be given preference to other users who have the same interests or who are looking for a person with your characteristics.

Your profile text

The profile text is always a tiresome topic. For many, it’s just annoying. Yes, we can understand that! But remember that a small text always attracts users’ attention and they will probably stay on your profile. This in turn boosts the match rate. It is particularly well received if you design your profile text in an appealing way. Use a few emojis to break up the body text and attract more attention.

Specify what you are looking for!

Let’s be honest: a lot of questions and uncertainty annoy us all. If you’re looking for true love, you most likely don’t want to waste your time with people just looking for one night stands. Of course, the same applies the other way around. So write clearly in your profile what you’re after, it doesn’t always have to be too specific. Formulations in the profile could be as follows: looking for hot flirts, looking for a new partner, looking for great love,…

Conclusion: Being authentic is the be-all and end-all

Make yourself aware of what you want to express with your online dating profile and think about how you can achieve this. You don’t have to write job applications here, but you can achieve much more success with a few tricks. A fully completed profile is always more appealing and, above all, more credible. Of course, you don’t have to reveal yourself completely in your profile. On the contrary: always remain a bit mysterious, that also arouses curiosity! It is also important that you always remain authentic, because incorrect information turns out to be lies faster than you initially think.

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