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Where to buy domains?

Domains are essential to be able to operate websites. The domain prices and the services of the providers differ considerably. The small hobby website operator won’t mind if he pays a few dollars too much a year. For professionals and agencies, however, domain costs can quickly add up to several thousand dollars per year.

Buy domains from hosting providers or externally?

Almost every hosting provider also offers its customers domains. In addition to hosting packages, where free domains are already included, there is always the option to book additional domains.

However, hosting providers are not always the best choice for registering domains. The prices for domains there are often far too high, and many hosting providers overcharge for extra services such as private WHOIS entries.

These high costs add up quickly, especially with larger domain portfolios, and money is often unnecessarily wasted for domains registered with hosting providers.

In addition, domain administration with hosting providers may well be unnecessarily complicated. In most cases, the products are coordinated in such a way that they harmonize with the hosting package, but more complex administration at domain level is often not possible.

Hosting providers can also make domain transfers complicated. We know of some providers who only allow the transfer / change of owner of a domain with considerable effort and several forms to be filled out.

In general, we always unselfishly advise you to register domains separately with a reseller who specializes in domains. This simply offers you much more management options, often extensive and free additional functions and, of course, better domain prices.

Functions and services of a good domain provider?

As you may have already realized, registering domains with a specialized domain provider is often an advantage. We have briefly summarized the services which a good domain registrar / reseller should offer.

DNS Hosting

DNS hosting is necessary to connect your domain to your hosting package. External DNS hosting can offer immense advantages in terms of security and performance. All domains registered via come with free premium DNS hosting and full name server administration. So you can connect every hoster to your domain and also benefit from short reaction times and increased security against DDoS attacks.

Domain- and email-forwarding options

Domain and email forwarding are essential for many business customers. You can easily redirect the domain to another website or bundle alias email addresses into one mailbox. offers all forwarding options for a small surcharge.

Whois data protection

Whois data protection is extremely important for domain owners. In this way you prevent the misuse of your data such as your name, email address and postal address by third parties. Usually the WHOIS directory is kept public and everyone can see your personal data. With a privacy protection, a middleman steps in for you and only reveals his data in the directory. All domains at offer free WHOIS data protection. Unfortunately, due to legal regulations, this service is not available for all TLDs. You can find out which domains offer privacy protection here …

Uncomplicated transfer of domains

The ease of processing domain transfers is particularly important for domain investors and resellers. Many hosting providers require a number of forms to transfer a domain in or out. At you can easily and quickly apply for the Auth-Code with just one click. The domain is then ready for immediate transfer without any additional effort.

  • Domainspace is one of the cheapest domain registrars available and offers more than 1,000 TLDs.


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